Raison d'être

Living in a Dream World

I have always lived in a dream world, where dreams hold more importance to me than reality. I spend a lot of time closing my eyes and embarking on dream journeys. I have encountered fantastic places that inspire me and bring me peace and contentment, all without the need for drugs, spirituality, philosophy, or religions. In those moments, I try not to think.

Scents and Craftsmanship

Now, I want to explore how beautiful clothes can support me on these journeys. I take an interdisciplinary approach and find connections with the human limbic system fascinating. I enjoy experimenting with scents and creating my own natural perfumes. I've discovered that scents can completely transform how a garment feels on my body. I also appreciate clothes with exceptional craftsmanship, where manual work brings them to life and accompanies me in my dream worlds.

Systemic Therapy

My dear friends, how can you interact with my wardrobe and what can you do with it? In the spirit of systematic therapy, which is a significant part of my second profession, only a few clothes are necessary to build a wardrobe. This way, you will surely find the clothes that are right for you and feel comfortable in them.

My Promise

I promise you garments of the highest sartorial quality, tailored to your desired measurements. Our production time is approximately one month, and with your saved measurements, ordering is just a few clicks away. Our jackets can be altered up to two sizes due to fabric reserves. I embrace classic, timeless cuts while incorporating vibrant colors that inspire my journey into dreamy worlds. With endless combinations, you can bring these garments to life just as I do.

Finding Your Style

These are just a few thoughts on my motivation for this project. My looks and moods show you how I put together outfits and serve as inspiration to encourage you to find your own style. If you're interested, you can find articles on my weblog where I attempt to articulate my processes, although it can be challenging. Expressing dreams in words or intellectualizing them is difficult and often prone to failure.

Selling Dreams, Not Clothes

Lastly, I don't sell clothes; I sell dreams. When you acquire a dress from me, you receive more than just the material. You receive a piece of my being, my essence, and it will be fascinating to see which journeys I may accompany you on.

Philippe JeanRichard