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We make all our dresses to order based on customer preferences. This allows you to provide your specific measurements, ensuring that each dress is unique. On this page, you will find all the necessary information to measure your dresses accurately.

Measure the dress, not your body

It's important to understand that we work with the measurements of the dress, not your body. This gives you the freedom to choose the desired fit for the dress. Some customers prefer a slim fit, while others prefer a regular fit, but these terms can be subjective and flexible. Additionally, consider the clothes you plan to wear underneath, the occasion, and the season, as these factors will affect the measurements of the dress. I have jackets, pants, vests, shirts, sweaters, and coats with different measurements, and all the dresses fit me well on the right day.

The concept of perfect measurements

There is no such thing as perfect measurements. Your body measurements will change over time. Our dresses are designed with the flexibility to be adjusted by approximately 2 sizes. Even with the same measurements, factors like a bloated or empty stomach can make a significant difference in the waist area of jackets or pants. Personally, my state of mind also influences my preferences. Depending on my mood, I may prefer a dress that is more loose or fitted, seeking a sense of security or freedom. The season, weather, and temperature also impact my mindset and influence my dress choices. As I mentioned before, the perfect measurements do not exist. Therefore, it's best to be relaxed and not overly concerned.

How to measure

Take a dress, such as a jacket, in which you feel comfortable. Place the jacket on a table and measure it as demonstrated in the video below. You can measure your clothes by yourself; you don't need anyone else to do it. If you're unsure, feel free to reach out to me, and I can provide assistance, even through Zoom. Keep in mind that measuring dresses is not an exact science, especially with fabrics that have natural stretch. Lay the fabrics out on the table and allow them to settle into their natural position for the most accurate results.


My tailors work diligently to create dresses that align with your measurements. However, it's common for industry standards to allow for deviations of +/- 2%. Please understand and accept this slight variation.

Unfinished sleeves and hems

Some customers prefer to have their jacket sleeves and trouser hems adjusted by a local tailor of their choice. For this reason, you can select "unfinished sleeves" for the jacket sleeve length and "unfinished hems" for the pants' outseam.

Saving your measurements

Below, you will find videos on how to measure your clothes. If you are logged in, you can also access these videos on your account page and enter and save your measurements there. This feature offers the advantage of having your measurements pre-selected in the drop-down menus when ordering a dress from the corresponding category, saving you time.

Enjoy the process of measuring your dresses!

Measuring Jackets

If you wish to purchase a double-breasted jacket, please still measure a single-breasted jacket as demonstrated in the video. We will adjust your measurements accordingly to ensure the perfect fit for your double-breasted jacket.

Measuring Trousers

Measuring Waistcoats

If you wish to purchase a double-breasted waistcoat, please still measure a single-breasted waistcoat as demonstrated in the video. We will adjust your measurements accordingly to ensure the perfect fit for your double-breasted waistcoat.

Measuring Knitwear

Measuring Shirts

Measuring Overcoats