Inspiration olibanum

Inspiration olibanum

Olibanum, or incense, can be experienced as an essential oil, a realm I have already explored. However, there's a certain allure in burning incense, observing the effects it has on my limbic system.

The scent of olibanum carries nostalgic memories for me. Among my few recollections from kindergarten, one stands out vividly—the day our teacher set up a tent where the Three Wise Men enkindled myrrh and olibanum. The aroma etched itself deeply within my mind, transporting me to a realm beyond, a feeling I will forever cherish.

Presently, I light small fragments of olibanum in my room, and to my delight, it still stirs dreams within me. I find myself envisioning the attire I wish to don—a current desire being the "Hamburg" jacket in pink cashmere and wool. What do I hope to gain from these musings? Where do my aspirations lie? I cannot say for certain. Yet, an undeniable sense envelops me, assuring that life holds remarkable possibilities, transcending rational understanding. Is there anything more beautiful than that?