The Iymbic System

The Iymbic System

In my leisure hours, I engage in the exploration of fragrances. I possess an extensive assortment of essential oils, with which I ardently experiment. Among my pursuits, I delve into the art of crafting my own perfumes. Through these endeavors, I have discerned a profound interconnection between my garments and the scents I wear.

Every morning, a decision awaits me, as I deliberate upon which perfume to grace my skin. Throughout a certain period, I have observed myself, meticulously observing the process by which I make this choice. Interestingly, I find that in only a few instances does cognitive reasoning dictate my selection. Similarly, the decision-making process surrounding my attire follows a similar pattern. This leads me to ponder whether clothing, too, exerts an influence upon the limbic system. Could it be that my limbic system asserts dominance over me each morning? Such a notion appears audacious, yet thought-provoking.

Curiously, I find myself frequently straying from established norms governing the composition of clothing. Despite my awareness of these guidelines, I am compelled to deviate. Nevertheless, what remains certain is the palpable unity that exists between my clothing and the perfumes I adorn. This harmony is reaffirmed through the feedback I receive from those in my environment. Although the online realm fails to convey the presence of fragrance, its absence does not diminish its significance.

This intricate matter serves as a reminder that attempting to exert control over one's outward appearance may prove futile. Rather, it is in embracing the complexity and authenticity of our being that true beauty emerges. In light of this realization, I embark upon the audacious venture of associating select garments with specific perfumes, aiming to convey the emotions evoked through poetic expressions on product pages.